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The Pasvik valley has a wealth of natural resources. The river has always teemed with fish, the forests are rich in fauna and flora, and there are plenty of wild berries. The people of the valley have always harvested what nature has to offer. The local population appreciate their closeness to nature.

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Use of nature

The Pasvik valley has been and remains rich in natural resources. People harvested more from nature’s larder than they do today; nature was important for people as a source of food. Fish in the river, lakes and tributaries provided food on the table. In the vast wilderness areas, trapping was also important for many families. Snaring ptarmigan and hare was common. Wild berries in the forests and marshes were picked by the tonne. Cloudberry-picking provided an extra income for many families.


The area between Finland in the west and Russia in the west is very large. The Pasvik valley is a popular place for nature-lovers. The local population in Pasvik use the area for food-gathering or recreation. There are many holiday cabins in Pasvik and people from the entire municipality use the area. Few municipalities have so many holiday cabins in relation to head of population as Sør-Varanger. In Pasvik there are many cabins along the river and the road.

Hunting and fishing

The Pasvik valley is a popular area for hunters, with huge areas for hunting in. Stocks of ptarmigan and capercaillie vary from year to year, but many people are concerned that there is too much pressure on wildlife from hunting. You should be familiar with the area if you are to hunt there. The Pasvik forest is unpredictable even for the locals; the landscape is undulating and hillocky and not always easy to follow.

The Pasvik river with its many species of fish is popular with both sport fishermen and ordinary anglers. The channels by the power stations at Melkefoss and Skogfoss are visited regularly by eager trout fishermen. Many people from the Pasvik valley use river boats to go after big trout. Some use nets to secure their catch of fish for the winter.

Fresh trout... (Photo: Mette Hallen)

Multebær. (Foto: Ingar G Henriksen)

Cloudberry. Mmm... (Photo: Ingar G Henriksen)

Grensehistorie Vannkraft Grenseliv
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